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Its hard to define someone or something that is still in development, still searching. Someone that has yet to discover her ultimate reason. Yet she stands so powerful in the eyes of others. This “In process being” is in-tune with her spiritual self. She is observant to her existence, and practices the art of consciousness. She has prosperous friends from all over the world. She vacations outside of her environment when seeking inspiration. She usually doesn’t think twice on things, she bases her discussions on what feels right. Hardly plans in advance because the odds are forever in her favor. She knows no limit, the idea of endless possibilities is the creed she lives by. She is risky, fierce, bold, loving, centered, art, ethic, vibrant, she is “The One”, the one that stands out in a crowd full of beautiful people. The one everyone wants to know and share a trait or two with. The one you question how does one acquire that much strength and courage. The one who goes with the grove of things. The one who seeks for life beyond her understanding. She’s a phenomenal being.......MUSE to MUSE  

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